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   This is the work of my mother, Ruth E. Muehlmeier (1925 - 2019)
Ruth Ewart was born in 1925 in Wauwatosa, WI and graduated from Wauwatosa West High School.  Her art education continued at the School of the Chicago Art Institute and Wisconsin State Teachers Collage. In the late 1940s she spent time painting in Yucatan, Mexico, before marrying Peyton Muehlmeier in 1951 and starting a family.  Ruth Ewart Muehlmeier usually signs her work REM.  She was active in the Milwaukee art community and taught Art History for 18 years (1960s and 1970s) at Layton School of Art (now MIAD) and Marquette University.  Ruth was president of Wisconsin Painter's & Sculptors (now WVA) for many years and was the organizations archivist until the late 80s.  Ruth was awarded lifetime membership in WVA for her service to the organization in the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's. 

Ruth's work created in the late 40s through 50s has a timeless quality and is some of her best.  REM maintained studios in Brookfield (mid 1950s-1970), Oconomowoc (1970-2010) and Jupiter, FL where she spent most of the winters after retiring from teaching. Her work spans a range of genres, from abstract still life, landscapes and inventive figurative paintings in the late1940s and 50s, palm reading hands and line abstractions in 60s and 70s, and ceramic figures to more representational grand still life watercolor and acrylic paintings in the 80s and 90s. 

Ruth E. Muehlmeier, passed away at the age of 93.

Contact Christine Style at if interested in seeing more of her painting and drawings.  
Below is a sample of her works.
REM, 1944 drawing
REM 1944 drawing
REM 1945 color drawing
REM Childhood memory series - In bed with smallpox 1948
REM Mayan Sewing 1949
REM Mexican Women Working 1949
REM Bell Fruit Slot Machine Man 1949
REM Grandma Sophia and Me rolling yarn ball 1949
REM CHildhood Series - Rolling Skating Around the Furnace 1948
REM Green Sky Lake Pepin 1949
REM Blue Sky Lake Pepin  1949
REM Cat Scape Red Sky 1949
REM Yellow Abstraction 1949
REM  Black Bird - Red Bird 1949
REM Three Crows 1949
REM Two Parakeets 1950
REM Bird Family 1950
REM Pinball Abstraction 1945
REM Nursing Baby 1952
REM Miss Chris with Doll 1955
REM Blue Things 1955
REM 50's Still Life 1
REM 50s Still Life 2
REM Persistent Dream - Bluemound 1956
REM Bluemound View1 1956
REM Bluemound View 2 1956
REM Dante Series - Apple Adam & Eve 1959
REM Dante Series - Stygian Lake 1960
REM Earl Of Orrey Diptych 1960s
REM Triptych Hand - Palm Reading Series  1960s
REM Pauls Dream Window watercolor on paper  1980s
REM  Gloxinia Heather Still Life 1980s
REM Still Life with Green Fish Vase and Rabbit  1980s