Christine Style
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​Large Scale Woodcuts
My large-scale woodcuts have generally been associated with larger events where a STREET ROLLER is used to print the image from the wood block. They are also hand printed.  There are my individual large woodcuts & large group print projects.

I've participated in 'Really Big Prints' held on the UW-Manitowoc campus (2014, 2016, and 2018) and 'The Exquisite Corpse' event and exhibit at the Hardy Gallery in Ephraim, Wisconsin (2015) and the Wisconsin Alphabet Project (2017).   My blocks are generally 60" x 32") and I print on various Japanese papers.
The World Deserves a Hug
woodcut, 60" x 30"   2016
printed on handmade paper (kozo & apaca) that I made years ago.  The reddy color is a swirl of dyed fiber embedded into the large handmade sheet.
Genetic Bird Explosion 
woodcut, 60" x 32"  2014
I organized the Wisconsin Alphabet Project in 2017.  Three separate alphabets with each 3/4" MDF letter block measuring 7.5" x7.5" :
1)  Wisconsin IDEA Alphabet with artists from all over Wisconsin invited to carve a character given to them randomly.
2)  UWGB Wisconsin Alphabet by students, staff and alumni from UW-Green Bay
3)  Hardy Wisconsin Alphabet by artists in Door County invited by the Hardy Gallery, Ephraim, WI

I also organized the Exquisite Corpse Project in conjunction with the Hardy Gallery in 2015.  There were two parts in this project:
1) An invitational Exquisite Corpse Exchange.  28 artists/printmakers were invited to create a randomly selected section of a figure: A-Head; B-Chest; C-Hips-Thighs; D-Lower Legs -Feet in an edition of 7 prints on 11" x 15" paper.  See the Booklet PDF.
2) A Hardy Gallery Steamroller Event:  Artists from UWGB and Door County created 2'x 3' woodcuts of randomly selected body sections based on the template provided.  Four blocks were placed together to be printed via Steamroller.
‘CASES Willard Asylum for the Insane New York 1910-1960’
Woodcut by Christine Style
Part of 'Really Big Prints 2018"

The flash fiction work, "Cases: Willard Asylum for the Insane, New York, 1910-1960" by Rebecca Meacham was the inspiration for my woodcut images. 
For each of the 13 characters who speak in Meacham’s story, I imagined, drew, and carved a woodblock—and over this entire set of 14 (13 characters plus text block), I overlaid an image of my mother, Ruth, who has dementia.  

Each individual character block is about 7”H x 15.5”W and together the set of 14 blocks print to 60” H x 32” W.