Christine Style
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Christine Style Monotypes & Print Collages
Most were created using Akua and Caligo soap & water clean up inks 
I love the monotype process and find that it is extremely versatile.  I primarily create abstractions where visual stories are presented using layers of marks, colors, and repeated shapes.  

The most recent monotypes I've done were created at SRISA in Florence, Italy (below).  The monotype is one part of the visual collage, printed with a photographic image exposed to a Solarplate (photo polymer intaglio plate), and paper collage using a selected frame of an Italian Superman comic and various Italian marbled papers.  

This series is titled "Reconstruction of San Lorenzo" and was inspired by the proportions of Brunelleschi's structures.
Awakening I
Awakening II
Awakening III
Awakening IV
Awakening V
Awakening Series of Monotypes